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We have an experienced in-house design & development department that closely follows global fashion trends, regularly attends global fashion fairs and apply the latest trends to our collections. Our goal is to rapidly create new qualities that will be the new key items of every season and share these with our customers.
We provide a wide range of fabric, artwork and application sourcing that help our customers stay innovative and inspirational in the competitive market conditions.
Approximately 1-2 months before each collection period, we send our clients new fabric and style sourcing for the upcoming seasons specifically chosen and prepared according to their own brand image. We create garments that fulfill the market needs and satisfy the commercial sales.


We believe the quality of production starts from the quality of the yarn till the quality of the packing. With our experienced staff in the fashion business for more than 50 years, our primary goal is to fulfill our customers’ orders in the best quality and on the agreed schedule. Starting from the design, each of our departments guide our customers to achieve the best end-product to meet their expectations.
Our bulk production is conducted in our facility in Kırklareli, with all in-house departments and stitching houses.

Print & Embroidery